therapy room

What to expect when having a crystal therapy treatment

A typical session will include the following elements:


  • I will ask you a few lifestyle and medical questions before starting the session.

  • You will be asked to lay down, fully clothed, on a therapy bed.

  • Relaxing music will be played to help you unwind and let the treatment work to its full potential.

  • I may place crystals, coloured scarves, scents on to your body and use sound above a chakra or point.

  • In addition I will use Reiki if necessary to aid your recovery.

  • I work intuetively and may combine crystals and sound together, responding to the need of the client.

Sound therapy treatment
  • You will be laying down , fully clothed on a therapy bed.
  • I will ensure that you are completly comfortable and warm.
  • You will first listen to the sound of a tuning fork for about 5-10 min.
  • I will work through your bodies energy centres and areas of restriction
  • At the end l will gently touch you to let you know we have finished
Many of my treatments may be a combination of different therapies