3 Treatments of Crystal Therapy £140                               

6 Treatments of Crystal Therapy £260 

3 Treatments of Tuning Fork Sound Therapy £150         

6 Treatments of Tuning Fork Sound Therapy £280   

6 Treatments consisting of Crystal and Tuning Fork Sound Therapy £280 

amethyst geode
Chakra Balancing
​60 - 75 min 

A chakra balance is a very relaxing experience for the individual. Whilst at the same time can help to release emotions and negative energy.    More


Amethyst cluster
Crystal Therapy
​60 - 90 min

Crystals have been used for healing since ancient times by many different cultures. The aim of this therapy is to restore whole body, emotions, mind, spirit and physical body.   More

goddess and heart
Relationship Wellbeing
​60 - 75 min 

Chakra cord treatment for relationship.  Mourish the cords (connections) we establish with people in our lives: mother, father, siblings, loved ones, partners, colleagues and friends.   More

set of tuning forks
Tuning Fork Sound therapy
​60  - 75 min 

Sound effects the body on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, bringing harmony to the whole of you.   More

human model with meridian lines
Meridian Mapping
​60 - 90 min 

With a special crystal approach, these meridians can be realigned, relieving symptoms and making the body whole again.  More

lotus flower
Solfeggio Tuning Fork therapy
100 - 120 min 
This treatment uses 11 tuning forks, whereby I use the 9 solfeggio frequencies forks to give you a complete healing on all levels, physical,  mental and spiritual.