Relationship Wellbeing

rosequartz hearts and aventurine

Chakra cord treatment for relationship problems 


These are cords (connections) we establish with people in our lives: mother, father, siblings, loved ones, partners, colleagues and friends.


As our relationships change, these cords can become tangled up, causing physical and psychological problems. 


Repair and nourishment of these cords can cause significant change not only to the person receiving the repair, but also to the other person tethered by that relationship cord. 


With this treatment, it is possible to untangle these relationship cords and help the individual to move on. Imagine being able to move on from a harmful and destructive relationship and having the opportunity to create more satisfying and loving relationships elsewhere. 


In the case of bereavement it helps to tie-up the lose ends of these cords and bring in peace and acceptance. 


Gain happiness and self-worth back in your life and resolve your relationship problems.