sacred instruments

What is a sound bath?

You lay down on a mat and cover yourself with a blanket to keep warm, getting yourself comfortable for your journey through sound.

You immerse yourself into the sound of sacred instruments, facilitating relaxation and expansion of mind, body and spirit. The benefits of a sound bath are relaxation, improving sleep, reducing pain and general well-being.

We start with a meditation, grounding you and bringing you into your body and mind. The beat of the drum will join with your heat beat. Percussion instruments, Tibetan Singing bowls, gongs, crystal singing bowls, chimes and pipes are used to give you a unique experience of sound and vibration. At the end a chime bell will ring indicating the sound journey has finished. You will lay in silence for a little while integrating the sound into your body before gently returning back from your journey. 

I provide monthly group sound baths at Colcot Community Hall in Barry, when COVID 19 regulations allow it.

You also can experience a personal, couples or small group (up to 4people) sound bath at my home, which is a unique experience.

gongs and bowls