We all need time to reflect and take care of our wellbeing, at Purple Dragon Therapies we offer holistic therapy based on tried and tested techniques. We provide a secure and nurturing environment to help you find balance in your energies and feel more connected with your surroundings. Mindfullness is central to all the therapies on offer.

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I have always liked caring for people so I became a nurse, I was practicing over 36 years and retired in Jan 2020. I was introduced to the world of complimentary therapies through Reiki 1 in 1997 and this led onto becoming a crystal therapist and in 2015 I qualified as a tuning fork sound practitioner. I trained with a friend providing sound baths and learning about the power of sacred instruments and how to play them. I'm always impressed by the power of sound and the affect it has on the human body, mind and spirit. It is an honour to me to work with the earthy and cosmic energy of sound. In 2018 I gained qualifications with the Scenar pain relief. I provide treatments in person within the COVID-19 regulations and distance treatments via video call or remote.


I believe in the use of traditional medicine, but also believe in the healing power of complimentary therapies, crystals, sound and energy medicine addressing the person holistically, rather then just treating symptoms.


A common misconception is that complementary therapies are not controlled and regulated. 

In addition to my Nursing BSc (hon), I hold qualifications in Crystal Therapy, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Tuning Fork Sound Therapy, Scenar pain relief and sacred sound therapy. 

I facilitate personal, couples and group sound baths with sacred instruments, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, gongs, pipes, drum, percussion instruments and more. I hold monthly sound baths at a community centre in Barry. I'm happy to travel if you would like to have a sound bath in your hall.


I believe that there is a place for natural therapies in our lives today, especially at this time. I have seen the direct benefits that complimentary therapies can make  in areas such as pain relief, depression, sleeping problems, physical issues and general well-being, which traditional medicine has failed to aid or cure. Facilitating peace and harmony to mind body and spirit, inducing relaxation and expansion.


I am very passionate about nature and its beauty and like to connect to all the elements, especially drumming and sounding in nature. I practice meditation and have gained an incredible intuition into life and my therapies. Over recent years I have been using my own voice and sacred instruments as healing tools. In addition I've done courses in Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and been attending workshops on the vagus nerve and other holistic therapies and well-being.

For my self-development I've been attending retreats in Wales, England, Spain and Peru.