Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

set of tuning forks
Tuning Fork Sound Treatment

Sound effects the body on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.


Physically - matter is effected by sound. The vibrational frequency travels through the body and through the law of resonace weaker vibrations will vibrate at the same level as stronger ones, this can initiate the muscles to relax and help organs to heal.


Mentally - Research has shown that when listening to a frequency for a few minutes it will alter the range of brainwaves. Relaxing the mind and silence it. The left and right hemispheres of the brain can get balanced through sound.


Emotionally - sound effects the emotions, hence releasing blocked and stack energy from a person. I belief that these emotions are the root of the manifistation of diseases.


Spiritually - these gentle frequencies will higher your emotions of love, compassion, joy and gratetude. This is the path to Universal Love, Source or God.


When listening to the tuning fork sound through the ears, the vibration travels from here to the vagus nerv and then to all the organs and further to the cellular structure down to the atom, were it brings harmony to the whole body mind and spirit.


This is a gentle and beautiful treatment which effects all aspects of a person, restoring you back to whole.