“I usually do not believe in stuff like this. However, it made me feel very calm and relaxed.”   Rachael  R



“Gabi is a very powerful healer, when she last treated me with a chakra balance for emotional issues, I felt a huge sense of calm. The following day I felt slightly unwell but I knew I was detoxifying. The days that followed became calm and I felt less stressed and more ready to take on the world”   Jacqui M



“Since seeing Gabi for back pain treatments I could reduce the amount of pain killers I take. The first 5 days after treatment I do not need any pain killers at all.”   Mike P



"Gabi is a very exceptional therapist full of love. Her life experiencies give her a bonus of true humble aptitude. She made me completely safe and I was able to share things I never did before."   Marie D



"I found the session relaxing, de-stressing and balancing."   Mark B



"I session made me feel very relaxed. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and was painfree after the session."   Mike L



Purple Dragon Therapies by Gabriele Annis

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