I was drawn to working with Gabi over a specific problem I was experiencing to do with confidence and feeling anxious. Our sessions were very relaxing and I felt I was in safe hands with Gabi. During these sessions I felt a lot of softening shifting and releasing. My energy levels increased after the sessions and when I look back I realise that my confidence and anxiety issues were greatly relieved. I am in a very different space now to then. A very positive experience.


I would highly recommend Gabi to anyone looking for a therapist who you can feel at home with and fully relax. I always feel I visit celestial heaven when I have treatments with Gabi and come away feeling lighter and recharged having let something go. Physical pain is also addressed. 


Rhianedd Fernando, Cardiff

In my experience, I would say Gabi is a master lightworker. All my treatments have been divinely beautiful and intuitive. Whether i received crystal, sound, tuning forks, reiki, journeying, or a healing modality that is new and different to me, i have always felt fully cared for, comfortable and in the right hands at the right moment. If you can imagine all my chakras as cups, they where always filled with light and feeling fully recharged afterwards!

If you look for a therapist to help you on your journey, I highly would recommend Gabi.

Chris Bennett, Swansea  

I went to see Gabi because if specific issues, I had Amazing sessions with Gabi. She works in such a lovely calming environment. Total relaxation!! Gabi is fantastic at what she does. Have benefited lots from the 3 sessions I've had so far. 

I would highly recommend Gabi if you are looking for a therapist.

Rebecca Louise Hooper, Barry 

I had regular sessions with Gabi for my wellbeing, she is a very powerful healer. When she last treated me with a chakra balance for emotional issues, I felt a huge sense of calm. The following day I felt slightly unwell but I knew I was detoxifying. The days that followed became calm and I felt less stressed and more ready to take on the world. Gabi really addresses the issues you present and uses her bespoke therapy. Gabi is a very professional therapist. She always makes me feel very welcome and I feel totally safe in her hands. I highly recommend Gabi  and her bespoke therapies.

Jacqui Maplas, Swansea



"Gabi is a very exceptional therapist full of love. Her life experiences give her a bonus of true humble aptitude. She made me completely safe and I was able to share things I never did before."  


Marie D, Penarth


I saw Gabi for back pain treatments for a number of years now as I could reduce the amount of pain killers I take. I always feel totally relaxed and at peace with myself after the treatment. The first 5 days after treatment I do not need any pain killers at all, feeling physically and mentally stronger. She is a good listener, always makes you feel welcome and at home, tending and nurturing you.

I would highly recommend her as a therapist.   


Mike Pitcock, Barry