Distance Treatments

therapy bed for distance treatment

What is a distance treatment?

I set up my therapy bed for each individual, representing the chakras (energy centres) with a candle holder with candle, representing your light. I will ad crystals and statues as well as flower petals, to give you a personal visual. You can let me know what you would like on the couch and I'm happy to provide this for you. This is a ceremony of healing with highest intend. 

I will contact you via video call and we will discuss, what treatment you are having. I then will connect with you and perform the treatment. You can leave the camera on and be able to talk to me, or you can switch the camera off during treatment. When the treatment is finished, I will tell or message you to say I'm finished and then you can call me to a time convenient for you.

As most treatments may make you feel a bit tired take the time to relax and absorb the treatment before getting back to me, to receive feedback on what the treatment entailed.

These treatments work as well as in-person treatments some people can relax more deeply in the comfort of their own home and due to Covid-19 this is the way to perform treatments, when we can't provide in-person treatments.

It also gives me the opportunity to treat you if you are not local to my area or country.